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Confiture Parisienne Raspberry chocolate jam

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In the collection "Tartine Chocolat" with fruits from Confiture Parisienne here is the first one that combines chocolate and fruits.

"Chocolate Raspberry Spread"a kind of ganache spread with the acidity of raspberries coated in chocolate. It could remind us of a famous biscuit-génoise package that you can find in every supermarket, except that there are only natural and preservative-free things in our jar.

A 100% pure chocolate from Madagascar, cooked in a copper cauldron but in "chocolate" coloured lacquered pots. Why? do you ask. Well, to make the difference right away at first glance between our jams and our spreads. And then simply because it is beautiful!

Raspberry Willamette, Manjari dark chocolate 100% pure paste, unrefined cane sugar, lemon.
Total sugar content 57%. Prepared with 60G of fruit for 40G of unrefined cane sugar.

Tasting tips

SWEET: with fruit or cookies directly dipped in the jar, on toast, on ice cream, on crepes and inside a muffin.