Travel with us to Confiture Parisienne in Paris, France!

Something that makes DeFrenS so special is our diverse group of owners. They are constantly traveling out of the country to places like Italy, Switzerland, and France. Recently, Fatiha traveled to France to visit the Confiture Parisienne jam shop. This jam is a staple product here at DeFrenS and it is one of our best selling items! In this article, we will talk about Fatiha's experience at Confiture Parisienne and announce a special deal coming up. 

Fatiha with Confiture Parisienne JamFatiha in Paris, France at Confiture Parisienne

Confiture Parisienne

In 2015, Nadège Gaultier and Laura Goninet founded Confiture Parisienne with the desire to create exceptional jams using products that are just as exceptional. Confiture Parisienne recipes have unexpected flavors. But they still are made according to traditional, artisanal methods, without any additives or preservatives. Cooked in small batches in copper cauldrons, each jam is lovingly prepared, with a balance of ingredients that lets each one find its proper place and express its flavor to the fullest. The fruits are handpicked and the jam is made in house at the Confiture Parisienne store. The jam is incredible on chicken, pancakes, bread, cheese, and so much more. At DeFrenS, we have a variety of different flavors in store like strawberry rhubarb, raspberry violet, apricot lavender, strawberry raspberry, and chestnut pear. Along with the jams, we have the original Confiture Parisienne packaging to send you home with! These make great hostess gift or presents. 

 Confiture Parisienne Jam StoreInside Confiture Parisienne Store

Fatiha in France 

Fatiha first found Confiture Parisienne through research conducted prior to DeFrenS' opening in August 2022. She discovered the brand and ordered some testers to sample. Fatiha, Isabelle, and Michelle all tried the jams, picked out their favorites, and we have had them in our showroom ever since. 

Fatiha in FranceFatiha Outside Confiture Parisienne

During Fatiha's latest trip to France, she stopped by the Confiture Parisienne store in Paris to do a jam workshop. She was involved in a class taught by the staff at the store. At the class, she got to go through all the steps to make their iconic jams. The instructors had the class make a pineapple jam. First, they started by cutting up the pineapple and prepping the ingredients: lemon juice, sugar and spices. That's it! Next, they combined all the ingredients in their copper pot and let it heat up. Once the jam was at the proper consistency, they let it cool and sanitize the jam containers. They package everything up, and it is ready to be sold! Fatiha had a great experience learning first hand how to make the jams we have in store. She even got to take home a personalized souvenir: a jam with her name on it! Check out our Instagram to see a mini vlog of her experience. 

La Confiture de FatihaFatiha's personalized jam from Confiture Parisienne

Veteran's Day Sale

Since we know the jam is a top seller here at DeFrenS, this Veteran's Day we are incorporating it into our sale. For all jam purchases made in store November 6th through November 11th, take home a complimentary gift! We look forward to seeing you in store soon! 



Fatiha and the father of the founder of Confiture Parisienne!Fatiha and the master jam maker at Confiture Parisienne!


Fatiha shopping at Confiture Parisienne
Fatiha shopping at Confiture Parisienne in her apron! 


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