MIRROR - An Art Exhibit at DeFrenS

Join us for our first event in our new Art Gallery at the DeFrenS showroom! To kick off the expansion of DeFrenS, we are hosting an Art Exhibit called MIRROR featuring an incredible new artist, Kenneth Vinther. 


"Eques" mixed media on canvas 48”x60”


Event Details: 

In the heart of Westlake Village, a new artistic voice emerges, poised to captivate the senses and spark introspection. Kenneth Vinther, a rising name in our local art community, invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery through his debut exhibition, titled "MIRROR." Hosted in the new DeFrenS Art Gallery, located at 790 Hampshire Rd Suite B, this showcase will deliver an evening of artistic exploration and personal reflection.

Join us on Saturday, May 4th from 5-8pm for an evening of artistic discovery. An Art Talk will take place at 6:30pm. Light foods and refreshments will be served. 

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to enter into a giveaway for personal Equus Coaching with Vinther’s wife, Renee Spurge. In this session, the winner will experience a unique style of personal coaching that incorporates horses and their ability to respond to the immediate thoughts, emotions and behaviors they bring into the session.


"Two Saints" Diptych mixed media on canvas 12" x 14"

From the artist: 

My artistic journey is deeply intertwined with a lifetime spent in the presence of horses. Their cadence, grace, and untamed spirit have become the guiding forces behind my creative expression. Each brushstroke on canvas is a reflection of the fluidity and energy I have experienced in their presence.

Drawing from the wellspring of my subconscious, I channel the essence of equine movement onto the canvas, seeking to capture the raw beauty and poetry of their motion. Through the mediums of oil and acrylic paint, along with a blend of intuition and technique, I strive to evoke the dynamic spirit of these magnificent creatures. Their unbridled energy flows freely through my brushes onto the canvas surface.

Nature, with its boundless beauty and hidden mysteries, provides further inspiration for my work. Subtle references to the interconnectedness of all life forms emerge within the layers of vivid color and rich texture, echoing the symbiotic relationship between horse and environment.

Ultimately, my art is abstract expressionism celebrating the profound connection between humanity and the natural world, with horses serving as both muse and metaphor. It is my desire that through my creations, viewers will be transported into a realm where movement and spirit converge, inviting them to experience on canvas, the magic of the equine soul.


Artist Bio: 

Kenneth Vinther, born in 1970 in Denmark, has spent the past 25 years living in California alongside his spouse, Renee Spurge. With a lifelong immersion in the world of horses, Vinther draws inspiration from his experiences to create captivating contemporary art. Through his unique perspective and intimate connection with these majestic creatures, he crafts works that reflect the fluidity of movement and the spirit of the equine world. 




Instagram: @vintherpaintings

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