Lessons from Linda

Lessons from Linda

Linda Carson is the interior designer here at DeFrenS. She is the one who keeps the place neat and beautiful! Read below to learn some lessons from Linda on how to properly design a home or store.

  1. Stack your inventory to properly display items and save floor space
  2. Follow a theme
  3. Group similar things together to create a symmetrical and unified look
  4. Pick out a primary color theme and go from there
  5. Remember to back up and look at the bigger picture, don't get too caught up in one space
  6. Look at your display from all angles
  7. Tie colors in photos to any other items you are displaying around the space
  8. Start with taller art and then mix & match smaller art 
  9. Symmetry, symmetry, symmetry
  10. Don't cover your art with other items
  11. Less is more
  12. Don't have price tags be the center of attention
  13. Make it true to you
  14. Odd numbers are Linda's personal favorite when displaying multiples
  15. Have fun!

Below are some examples of Linda's work in the showroom:


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