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Their Inspiration

Exotic and bohemian at its core, Mayana jewelry is bold and colorful. They love to experiment with fun and sometimes unexpected color combinations and patterns often inspired by textiles, other art forms and artisan crafts found around the world. The jewelry is meant to be the focal point of your outfit - to be more than just an accessory. They want you to turn heads and receive the attention you deserve, as you will bring the jewelry to life!


Jewelry That Impacts Lives 

Mayana jewelry is handwoven in small batches by talented women artisans living in Medellin, Colombia. They are committed to offering bead weaving training and stable work opportunities to women living in vulnerable communities.  Many of the artisans are single mothers and members of the displaced indigenous Embera community who have faced innumerable challenges. Mayana's mission is to foster each artisan in such a way that they can continue to grow and thrive within our team over the long-term while maximizing their earning potential. 


"As Mayana grows, the hope is that we can expand our ability to provide much-needed income to vulnerable women and their families."


Our Process

Mayana's pieces highlight the beauty of Japanese Miyuki glass beads, which are renowned for their precise cut and color variety allowing them to be woven together perfectly to form complex patterns. 

The design process begins with their designer, Emily, conceptualizing a pattern and shape. Then she creates a digital pattern and chooses bead colors from the over 1000 Miyuki bead colors available. The pieces often require working up several prototypes and experimenting with different bead stitch techniques. This is a slow and creative process in which each bead is handwoven one at a time, often over several hours. Finally, Emily and her artisan team transform these tiny beads into wearable pieces of art. 

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