Featured Art: Keith Haring

Who was Keith Haring? 

Keith Haring was born on May 4, 1958, in Reading, Pennsylvania. From a young age, he exhibited a deep fascination with art, drawing inspiration from the cartoons of Walt Disney and the expressive lines of Dr. Seuss. This early exposure laid the foundation for his signature style, characterized by its simplicity and immediacy.

Haring's art was far from conventional; it was a statement of freedom, a response to societal issues, and a call to action. His iconic images, including the radiant baby, barking dog, and dancing figures, became symbols of unity, love, and solidarity. His subway chalk drawings, which he dubbed "subway art," allowed him to reach a wide audience, transcending the elitist confines of the art world.

At the heart of Haring's work was a strong undercurrent of activism. His art tackled pressing issues such as AIDS awareness, apartheid, drug addiction, and the environment. He used his platform to raise awareness and promote social change, proving that art can be a powerful catalyst for transformation.

Tragically, Keith Haring's life was cut short by AIDS in 1990, at the age of 31. However, his impact and legacy continue to flourish. His art can be found in museums, galleries, and public spaces around the world. The Keith Haring Foundation, established shortly before his death, supports organizations focused on children's programs, AIDS research, and LGBTQ+ advocacy.


Haring Art Prints at DeFrenS

Here at DeFrenS, we have a number of framed prints of Haring's pieces. They are available to shop in store and online on our website. See the list below of each piece we have in our showroom! 

- Jumping Dolphin

 Haring, Jumping Dolphin

Radiant Baby

Haring, Radiant Baby

Figure with Heart Balloon

Haring, Figure with Heart Balloon

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